Horn of Africa Cup 2015

  • 01 Sep 2015 |
  • News
The Horn of Africa Cup is an annual football tournament that is held in the last week of August 2015. It involves teams from four HODI zones of Badasa; Karare; Mountain and Qilta in Marsabit Central, Kenya. It is for both boys and girls aged between 7-15 years old.

Evaluating Coaches Across Continents' 2015 impact so far

  • 31 Aug 2015 |
  • News
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plays an important part in everything we do at Coaches Across Continents: baseline/endline surveys involve every coach, and quantitative and qualitative data is collected at every programme. CAC uses its data and statistics to evaluate current practice as well as to inform future developments.

The UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Physical Education, Sport, Fitness and Recreation

  • 28 Aug 2015 |
  • News
This article provides an introduction to the UNESCO Chair at IT, Tralee: Transforming the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and communities through Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Fitness.
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